#195 Michael Zequeira on the Effects of Social Media on Military Recruiting

Cognitive Crucible

Each week, The Cognitive Crucible podcast explores all aspects of our generational challenge: Cognitive Security.

Discussions with information operators, national security thought leaders, scholars, and politicians cover a wide variety of topics related to cognitive security and the information problem including:

  • History of Information Warfare and Propaganda
  • Cyber and how it relates to Cognitive Security
  • Different threats posed by state and non-state enemies
  • Creating a Whole of Society Effort
  • Constitutional and Legal Matters
  • Psychology: How does the human mind work (or NOT work)
  • Disinformation and fake news: How does it work? What can be done?
  • Impact of technological advances on disinformation
  • The roles of DHS and DoD
  • Hybrid Warfare and implications for cognitive security
  • Ally perspectives across the West
  • Beyond the Homeland: cognitive security in other areas of the world

The Cognitive Crucible is sponsored by the Information Professionals Association. IPA is a non-profit organization dedicated to exploring the role of information activities, such as influence and cognitive security, within the national security sector and helping to bridge the divide between operations and research. Its goal is to increase interdisciplinary collaboration between scholars and practitioners and policymakers with an interest in this domain.

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