#12 Tammekänd on Deepfakes

#12 Tammekänd on Deepfakes

During this episode, Johannes Tammekänd discusses the evolution of deepfake technology and ways of countering the threat. He describes the dynamic as an arms race which requires increasingly sophisticated techniques to identify imagery, audio, and video which has been altered. Additionally, we discuss the upcoming United States Presidential election and the potential for a deepfake video to cause a major upheaval in the transfer of power. Johannes also describes the biggest systemic risk of deepfakes as fundamentally altering our perception of reality.

Books and other resources mentioned during this episode:

Bio: Johannes Tammekänd is the CEO & Co-Founder of Sentinel, an Estonian based startup which helps democratic governments, defense agencies and internal media counter the threat of deepfakes through an AI-based detection and exercise platform. Previously he worked in NATO Cooperative Cyber Defense (CCD) Center of Excellence (COE) as a cybersecurity expert and architected deep learning systems for Payload-Security which he exited to CrowdStrike.

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