We are a partnership of information professionals focused on the study, advancement, and application of information-related activities and technologies to achieve specific, predictable effects.

Who are we

Our mission is to provide a forum for information professionals to interact, collaborate, and develop solutions that enhance the cognitive security of the US and our friends and allies. The IPA serves as the nexus for information professionals interested in the application of soft and hard science, advanced analytics, and innovative technologies to advance security, prosperity, shared values, and international order through the free flow of ideas and information.

our goals

Serve as an incubator for objective discussions leading to substantive solution development through events, consultation, and professional publications

Advocate for the development of innovative capabilities which enable effective engagement in the information environment

Nurture private/public partnerships to develop a broad-based professional organization dedicated to successful competition in the information environment

Recruit and mentor the next generation of information professionals, leveraging their perspectives to develop innovative solutions to current challenges and prevent future problems


Cognitive Security is a field concerned with influence and protection from influence of large groups of media users and consumers both online and offline. Although cognitive security emerges from social engineering and discussions of social deception in the computer security space, it differs in a number of important respects. In particular, Cognitive Security focuses on (1) the exploitation of cognitive biases in large public groups, (2) social influence as an end unto itself and (3) formality and quantitative measurement.


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