#123 Jonathan Roginski on Insider Threats

#123 Jonathan Roginski on Insider Threats

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During this episode, Dr. Jon Roginski discusses insider threats. Jon asserts that insider threat detection and mitigation is an inherently complex human problem, and describes two broad risk activities: trait-based and state-based. His colleagues at the West Point Insider Threat Program connect insider threats with the medical community and examine the problem as a living, breathing, and growing dynamic.

Research Question: How do we lead the development and/or maintenance of organizational culture so that the workforce is connected to and invested in the organization and believes that connection and investiture is reciprocated.


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Guest Bio: Jon Roginski is the Program Manager for the West Point Insider Threat Program, which serves as the “research arm” for the Pentagon-administered Army Insider Threat Program. The program considers threat research from a variety of different vectors from the traditional (fraud, espionage, spillage) to contemporary…a holistic approach of creating an organizational ecosystem that is incompatible with threat. What does that really mean? A couple things. First, we consider many factors that erode our enterprises efficiency and readiness from the inside out to be insider risks or threats. We want to build a better place to live and work so people feel connected to and invested in their organization and environment so we can build up, rather than tear down. Second, if you have a research topic that you feel doesn’t fit anywhere, come talk to me. You may be surprised at the connections that may be made to current projects or the appetite for a new approach! 

LTC(ret) Roginski was a class of ’96 mathlete and rugby player, basic branch Military Policeman, functional area Operations Research analyst, and (is) an enthusiastic Network Scientist. As him about being a Platoon Leader and Commander in the 10th Mountain Division, Commander and Provost Marshal in Okinawa Japan, member of a think tank reporting directly to the Chief of Naval Operations, ORSA leader at Fort Drum and Kandahar Afghanistan, or invited Network Science Professor at Singapore’s premier defense (they call it defence) institute. Come ask a question about the power and relevance of network science in today’s operating environments…or about how you can support the Army Men’s Rugby team in climbing the mountain to their second National Championship!

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