#9 Jackson and Lieber on Are We Our Own Worst Enemy?

#9 Jackson and Lieber on Are We Our Own Worst Enemy?

During this episode, we discuss with COL Mike Jackson and Dr. Paul Lieber their recently co-authored article “Countering Disinformation: Are We Our Own Worst Enemy?”. Referencing Richard Stengle’s recent book: Information Wars: How We Lost the Global Battle Against Disinformation and What We Can Do About it, Mike and Paul make the case that well intentioned people frequently resort to “tribalism” which has a nonproductive effect. In 2015, Mike was part of a EUCOM and Department of State combined effort called the Russia Information Group (or RIG); he recounts the stand up of the RIG and relates lessons learned for improving information operations going forward. We conclude by discussing what’s at stake for America and our allies.

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Other books and resources discussed include:

Colonel Michael Jackson is Chief for Plans, Policy, and Partnerships at the Cyber National Mission Force. He was previously the Senior Army Fellow at the Council on Foreign Relations. COL Jackson has served as an Information Operations officer since 2003 at the tactical, operational, and strategic levels — collaborating with interagency partners, NATO Allies, and with partner nations.

Dr. Paul Lieber is COLSA Corporation’s Chief Scientist (Data & Social Science), where he specializes in communication influence. A Board Member of the Information Professionals Association, he previously served as the Command Writer for two USSOCOM Commanders, likewise Strategic Communication Advisor to Special Operations Command-Australia. Within academic environs, Dr. Lieber was full-time Graduate faculty at both civilian and military institutions.

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