#35 Dawson on Social Media Weaponization

#35 Dawson on Social Media Weaponization

During this episode, MAJ Jessica Dawson of the Army Cyber Institute at West Point shares recent research about the social media ecosystem and how it is being weaponized. We also discuss the concept of identity and a new framework for understanding narrative weaponization for the purposes of mobilization and radicalization. Our conversation concludes with Jess’ policy and regulatory recommendations for mitigating risk.

Books and Resources Mentioned During the Show:

Bio: MAJ Jessica Dawson is a native of rural Maine who enlisted in the Army in 1995 and reached the rank of Sergeant First Class before she commissioned into the Signal Corps in 2007. MAJ Dawson has served in Korea, Germany, Iraq and Fort Hood. She is currently serving as the lead research scientist for the Army Cyber Institute’s Information Warfare team and teaches sociology in the Department Behavioral Sciences and Leadership at West Point. She holds a Ph.D. in sociology from Duke University and is currently researching social media and extremism along with the implications of the digital disruption of social processes.

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