#34 Chiu on Market Intelligence and the Competition for Attention

#34 Chiu on Market Intelligence and the Competition for Attention

During this episode, Emma Chiu of Wunderman Thompson discusses global trends which affect brands as well as the competition for attention. She describes growing anxiety and a sense of urgency as some trends–especially trends mapped to digital and technology capabilities–seem to have accelerated during the COVID crisis. Brands are also grappling with Gen Z consumers and how they are driving cultural shifts; for example, Emma describes how younger generations engage in employee activism and are beginning to hold their employers accountable for social values. She observes that relatively new platforms like TikTok and Clubhouse are evolving quickly which presents adaptation challenges for brands. Finally, we discuss value-based marketing where some brands pursue non-linear approaches in order to pleasantly surprise consumers and “future proof” their messaging for the long term.

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Bio: Emma Chiu leads Wunderman Thompson Intelligence, the agency’s in-house futures and innovation think-tank. Emma consults with brands on how to build long-term strategies based on qualitative and quantitative insight that incorporates cultural and behavioral change, sector innovation and zeitgeist shifts. Emma spearheaded the launch of the Wunderman Thompson Intelligence “Future 100” Report, which helps people prepare for emerging consumer behavior with 100 original trend predictions from Wunderman Thompson Intelligence. Split into 10 categories, each trend delivers a digestible snapshot of movements so far, while clearly explaining why brands and marketers should pay attention. Emma’s foresight and thought leadership has been picked up by global publications and has been featured in The Telegraph, Creative Review, New York Magazine, Dazed Digital and Vogue. She is also a member of the WARC Awards 2020 judging panel and The International Color Awards 2020 judging panel. In addition, Emma regularly speaks at international conferences including SXSW Interactive, Adobe Max and Pause Fest.

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