#77 Lopata on Quantum

#77 Lopata on Quantum

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During this episode, Dr. Paul Lopata of the Laboratory for Physical Sciences in College Park Maryland discusses the origins of quantum mechanics including philosophical underpinnings and a recap of the famous double-slit experiment which prompted physicists to start thinking about light as having both wave and particle properties. Paul connects quantum theory and cognitive security using words and concepts like trust, probabilistic reasoning, and making decisions with limited information, and in the presence of risk. He also describes advances in quantum computing and cryptography, prime numbers, Shor’s algorithm, and NP-hard problems. 


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Guest Bio: Dr. Paul Lopata is a quantum research scientist at the Laboratory for Physical Sciences in College Park Maryland. Previously, Paul served as the Principal Director for Quantum Science in the Office of the Under Secretary of Defense for Research and Engineering where he focused on quantum technology modernization. He was also Executive Secretary for the Defense Science Board’s Task Force on Applications of Quantum Technologies.

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