#141 George Pullen on the Space Economy

#141 George Pullen on the Space Economy

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During this episode, George Pullen discusses the space economy through a national security lens. Along the way, he answers some basic economic questions like: what is an economy, and what is GDP and why does it matter?

Research Question: George Pullen believes the following questions should be studies more:

  • How does space-based solar power plays into our energy future?
  • What are the impacts of economic activities happening in and around space ports?
  • How does blockchain fit into the space economy?


Guest Bio

Prof. George Pullen is a free-market economist, who for the last decade has been refining his economic philosophies as a Senior Economist at the US Commodity Futures Trading Commission in Washington, DC. Previous to that he worked as a trader, portfolio manager, and banker. He is driven by a curiosity and passion for convergence, connecting people and ideas across diverse disciplines and finding new questions that need answers. He is the author and co-author of six books on economic topics related to deep tech and a Partner and Chief Economist for MilkyWayEconomy. – Forecasting and Strategy for the 5th Industrial Revolution of the Space Economy.

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