#64 Radabaugh on Informational Power and the JIOWC

#64 Radabaugh on Informational Power and the JIOWC

“There is no peacetime in the information environment,” according to Greg Radabaugh, who is the former Director of the Joint Information Operations Warfare Center (JIOWC). “Information rounds are being fired at us continually 24/7.” While our forces do well at operations in the information environment (OIE) at the tactical and operational levels, Greg discusses the imperative for US leaders to focus on the strategic aspects of informational power (IP). After recapping the history and purpose of the JIOWC, Greg gives his perspective on the concept of informational power–a term coined by the former Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Gen. Joe Dunford. A key factor in successfully applying IP is characterizing the IE in a manner that enables commanders to understand adversary actions in the IE and resulting decisions. Greg also discusses the new version of Joint Pub 3-13 (Information Operations) as well as the importance of Joint Doctrine, in general, as a definitional framework especially important for synchronizing activities across the DoD enterprise and among friends and allies.


Guest Bio: Mr. Greg Radabaugh was the Director of the Joint Information Operations Warfare Center (JIOWC) from 2012-2018. Currently, he leads Gray Bear Consulting providing a variety of consulting services related to informational power, information operations, and cognitive security policy.

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