#27 Farwell on Information Warfare and Strategic Communications

#27 Farwell on Information Warfare and Strategic Communications

During this episode, James Farwell discusses his views on strategic communications and information warfare. He contrasts Russian and Chinese modern warfare strategies and uses many historic and modern vignettes to support his assertions. NIKE, he asserts, has mastered the art of strategic communications with their marketing campaigns which resonate with heroic narratives as old as humanity.

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James P. Farwell is an author and national security expert in information warfare, corporate strategic communication, social media analytics, political media and strategy, cyber policy, cyber security, strategy and authorities. He is an experienced political consultant, having advised in Presidential elections in the U.S. and abroad, as well as statewide and congressional elections, and in issue management campaigns for referenda and legislation. His most recent book, Information Warfare: Forging Communication Strategies for Twenty-first Century Operational Environments is available from Marine Corps University Press.

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