#23 Holiday Bonus Episode

#23 Holiday Bonus Episode

On behalf of IPA, thank you for being part of the community and listening to The Cognitive Crucible podcast. This episode recaps the book and other online material recommendations from the Cognitive Crucible guests so far. We hope you find this useful.

#1 Rand Waltzman on Cognitive Security

#2 Austin Branch, the US Army’s First Information Operations officer

#3 Chris MacPherson on Business Innovation

#4 Tony Sgro on Education, Terrorism, and Information Operations

#5 Robert Thibadeau on Lies

#6 Ben Riley on Innovation and Risk

#7 Randy Rosin on Russia and Applied Cybernetics

#8 Doowan Lee on COVID Disinformation

#9 Jackson and Lieber on Are We Our Own Worst Enemy?

#10 Tom Kent on Striking Back

#11 Jacob on Social Norms, Disarmament, Demobilization and Reintegration

#12 Tammekänd on Deepfakes

#13 Russell on Behind Enemy Lines

#14 BDJ on Threatcasting

#16 Brown on Deception Technology

#19 Holzmann on PsyOps

#20 Paul on the Firehose of Falsehood

#21 Villano on Congressional Authorities

#22 Mulvenon on Our Peer Adversaries

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