USAID – Countering Malign Kremlin Influence Development Framework

In alignment with the National Security Strategy, our mission to help governments, civil society and the private sector in our partner countries on their Journey to Self-Reliance, and the Congressionally- established Countering Russian Influence Fund, the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) is launching our framework for Countering Malign Kremlin Influence (CMKI).

The United States has long believed that a strong, prosperous, and free Europe is vitally important to American strategic interests. The Russian Government and its proxies aim to weaken U.S. influence in the world and divide us from our allies and partners. They are using subversive measures to weakenthe credibility of America’s commitment to Europe, undermine transatlantic unity, and weakenEuropean institutions and governments.

Our Approach

USAID’s CMKI Development Framework responds to the challenge of the Kremlin’s maligninfluence by building the economic and democratic resilience of targeted countries, and by working tomitigate the Kremlin’s attempts to undermine a range of key institutions.


In democratic terms, the CMKI Development Framework is built around helping to strengthen civil- society organizations, conduct credible elections, institutionalize transparency and accountability in government institutions, and promote the rule of law. These efforts will include creating tools for reform-minded leaders and civil-society voices to tackle corrupt government practices that Kremlinagents often selectively exploit for Moscow’s strategic benefit.

Examples: In Ukraine, USAID provided approximately $2.7 million in cybersecurity equipment and training for the Central Election Commission to support free and fair elections. Our programs also support judicial vetting that exposes corruption and increases transparency. By financing local and regional civil-society and grassroots organizations, USAID helps ensure citizens can hold their governments accountable.