Active Measures #54 – Salve Regina University’s Pell Center

A Newsletter of Political Warfare, Influence, and Information Campaigns from the Pell Center at Salve Regina University


Stepping Up to China’s Political Warfare | Patrick M. Cronin | The Hill

China Used Twitter To Disrupt Hong Kong Protests, But Efforts Began Years Earlier | Daniel Wood, Sean McMinn, & Emily Feng | NPR


EPP: Russian Regime Is Conducting A Disinformation War Against EuropeEuropean Interest 

New Clues Show How Russia’s Grid Hackers Aimed for Physical Destruction | Andy Greenberg | ARS Technica


Pro-Saddam Hussein Trolls Used Facebook to Spread Disinformation in Iraq | Taylor Hatmaker & Adam Rawnsley | Daily Beast

Countering Online Extremism

The Islamic State Meets Southeast Asia | Zachary Abuza & Colin P. Clarke | Foreign Affairs

Election Security and 2020

Sen. Warner Says Hacking, Disinformation Are the Future Of War, And Urges The U.S. To Keep Up | Shannon Vavra | Cyberscoop

DNC Chairman Sounds Alarm on Potential Interference In 2020 Election, Saying Trump’s Words Hinder The Government’s Security Role | Isaac Stanley-Becker | The Washington Post

Sen. Klobuchar Proposes Aggressive Counter-Election Interference Operation | John Eggerton | Broadcasting Cable

2020 Misinformation Threats Extend Beyond Russia | Sara Fischer & Dave Lawler | Axios

Platform News

Twitter Closes Thousands of Fake News Accounts Worldwide | France 24

Removing Coordinated Inauthentic Behavior from Iraq And Ukraine | Nathaniel Gleicher | Facebook Newsroom

Facebook Is Spending Millions to Try to Detect Deepfakes | David Jagleilski | The Motley Fool

Facebook Advertisers Can Write Their Own Headlines for Shared News Stories | Jeff Yates, Andrea Bellemare, & Kaleigh Rogers | CBC


Are Democrats Ready for The Coming Disinformation Tsunami? | Greg Sargent | The Washington Post

Democracy, Disinformation, And The 2020 Threat: Recapping A Pen America Symposium | Pen America

Why China Isn’t as Skillful At Disinformation As Russia | Echo Huang | Quartz 

How A Real Story Turns into Online Disinformation | Yahoo News

Hostile Social Manipulation | Michael J. Mazarr et al. | RAND Corporation

CBC’s Chat Bot Helps You Spot ‘Fake News’ — And Avoid Spreading It | CBC


AI Can’t Protect Us from Deepfakes, Argues New Report | Zoe Schiffer | The Verge

See Creepy Deepfake Vladimir Putin Interviewed Live at MIT Conference | Corinne Reichert | CNET

Can the EU Prevent Deepfakes From Threatening Peace? | Sarah Bressan | Cargenie Europe

Deep Something?This Software Will Give You a Fake Face to Protect Your Privacy | Samantha Cole | VICE

Climate Change 

‘Trollbots’ Swarm Twitter with Attacks on Climate Science Ahead of UN Summit | Marianne Lavelle | Inside Climate News

Russia & 5G Health Concerns 

Russian Propaganda ‘Very Likely’ Stoking 5G Health Fears in Australia: Expert Claims | Chris Zappone | The Sydney Morning Herald

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