Seeking Phoenix Challenge Conference Volunteers

IPA Members: As many of you know, IPA is co-sponsoring the Phoenix Challenge conference on April 13, 2021, to be held virtually via MS Teams or a similar platform. No later than March 26th we need 6 to 8 IPA member volunteers to act as scribes for the breakout group discussions. Three key points points if you are considering being a volunteer scribe:
  • Time commitment: Please make sure that you will be available on April 13th from 9AM – 1PM Eastern time. We will also have a short (1 hour max) virtual training session for scribes before the event, probably the week of 29 Mar – 2 Apr, and may schedule a second training session if it becomes too difficult to get everyone on a single session.
  • Typing skills: Scribes must be able to type quickly while listening to a group discussion to capture the high points of the discussion. We’re not looking for verbatim transcription, and bullet points will be fine, but notes need to be captured in type form so they can be cleaned up and assembled into a report within 15 minutes of the breakout groups closing up. There will not realistically be time for you to take notes by hand and then type them up.
  • Non-attribution: Any remarks are to be captured without identifying the person who made the comment. We will provide a format for capturing comments in MS Word.
What’s in it for you?
  • Exclusive access: As a scribe you’ll get to listen in on a discussion which will otherwise be limited to only the participants and the moderator, all of whom will be active duty O6-O8’s and/or GS15 and above civilians who have a hand in driving policy and practices for their organizations.
  • The personal satisfaction of knowing that you’ve helped make Phoenix Challenge happen and advance IPA’s objective of facilitating collaboration among information professionals.
If you’re interested in volunteering, please directly contact Boyd Brown at, and put “Phoenix Challenge Scribe Volunteer” in the subject line of your email.
Thanks in advance for your support!