Russia targets, fosters, and weaponizes specific groups


Why Putin Targets Minorities

CSIS’s Suzanne Spaulding, Devi Nair and Arthur Nelson’s commentary dives into the WHY or what larger strategic purpose was Russia pursuing by targeting individuals of these groups?

For the past year and a half, the Defending Democratic Institutions Project has studied Russia’s information operations targeting the public’s faith in the judiciary and our justice system as a pillar of democracy. As individuals begin to identify with these online groups more strongly, Russian disinformation then encourages them to disengage—” #WalkAway ” — or take to the streets in protest against corrupt and broken institutions.

Protest can be a powerful way of holding a democracy accountable and bringing about change. That’s not the Kremlin’s goal. Putin wants Americans to give up on our institutions; to give up on holding them accountable because we have been convinced it is hopeless and democracy is a failure. Russian propaganda is not about stirring protests to make us better but about stoking anger and fear to provoke chaos and undermine faith in the ability of our institutions to change.

Commentary headlines include:
– Russia Grand Strategy
– Identity Infusion
– Co-opting Ideological Movements
– Moving Forward

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