Information Warfare Requires Personalized Weaponry

Information Warfare Requires Personalized Weaponry

by Rand Waltzman, January 1st, 2019, Signal Magazine, an AFCEA forum

Up until the digital age, wars involved a limited number of combatants with clear identities battling within distinct boundaries visible on a map. These conflicts ended either with a victor or as a stalemate. But today’s information warfare does not fit this traditional model. Instead, it comprises an unlimited number of potential combatants, many with hidden identities and agendas.

Outside of individual media literacy training, most suggestions about how to fight disinformation and public manipulation have focused on placing the burden of regulating and safeguarding users’ data on social media platform owners. While platform-centric solutions have merit, other alternatives are possible. Many details need to be worked out regarding the development of a digital alter ego, but it is a fresh idea to defend the democratic system by providing a highly individualized weapon in the endless information war.


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