Rand Report Calls for Increased Use of Information Operations in Wargaming

A new report from Rand by Christopher PaulYuna Huh WongElizabeth M. Bartels on “Opportunities for Including the Information Environment in U.S. Marine Corps Wargames” looks at how to incorporate the Information Environment into US Marine Corps wargames. Noting the increasing attention to information operations and information-based capabilities in military planning and the increasing popularity and use of wargames, the authors look at opportunities to improve wargames by addressing the Information Environment.

Major research questions addressed in the study include:

  1. To what extent are the information environment, operations in the information environment, and information-related capabilities considered as part of wargame planning and execution?
  2. What types of information are relevant to military operations and thus should be represented in wargames?
  3. What are the requirements for incorporating these elements into wargame designs? How can military theory, current doctrine, and input from stakeholders guide these changes?
  4. What are some solutions that wargame sponsors, designers, and those responsible for procuring wargaming capabilities can implement, and how can they be adjusted to accommodate a range of game types, operational objectives, and available resources?

Dowload the full report here.