DOD Information Warfare Leaders Take a Lesson from Cyber Command

What Cyber Command’s ISIS operations means for the future of information warfare

In C4ISRNET, the Marine Corps’ new commander of II Marine Expeditionary Force Information Group, or MIG, Col. Brian Russell, discusses how the Navy and Marine Corps can perform successful information operations by understanding how Joint Task Force-Ares, U.S. Cyber Command’s online offensive against ISIS media and online operations, organized and conducted cyber operations.

Lessons learned include:

  1. Military forces must be able to cohesively operate both in and out of combat zones because adversaries don’t contain themselves to those boundaries.
  2. The best way to prepare for combat is to first work against that adversary in the gray zone.
  3. Military forces must operate with nontraditional partners across the Defense Department and with allied nations to make the best use of those partners’ capabilities.

Russell said he hopes leaders will reimagine how cyber and information teams operate to influence adversary decision making and disrupt their operations. Read the full article here.