#TrollTracker: Seven Take-Aways of Known Russian and Iranian Troll Operations

#TrollTracker: Part One — Seven key take aways from a comprehensive archive of known Russian and Iranian troll operations

Twitter Troll Farm Archives, Digital Forensic Research Lab, Atlantic Council, October 17, 2018

On October 17, Twitter released an archive of over ten million tweets posted and over nine million tweets were attributable to 3,800 accounts affiliated with the Internet Research Agency or Russia’s infamous St. Petersburg troll factory.  Over one million tweets were attributable to 770 accounts, originating from Iran.

Seven important points to know about the Russian and Iranian troll farm operations.

1. All Content Points Home
2. Multiple Goals
3. Community Targeting
4. Equal-Opportunity Troll Farms
5. Opportunism
6. Evolution
7. Low Impact

Before and after: screenshots of the profile page of the Iranian account, which changed its name in July 2018. (Source: Twitter / @libertyfrontpr / @berniecratss, via Google cache)

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