Defending Against Russia’s Disinformation War

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Defending Against Russia’s Disinformation War

Nina Jankowicz is interviewed by John Milewski at Wilson Center’s NOW.

The great conversation is summarized.


The West needs to start investing in longer-term solutions like civics courses, critical thinking, media literacy – generational changes to invest in now.

This really speaks to the need to beef up critical thinking skills and to be able to connect with journalism in a way that is just not happening right now.

People skim and share without reading.  Ensure that you read articles in full and look at who the publisher and author are along with their political bent and what is their point for publishing (to inform or provoke a visceral reaction)

We never updated media literacy curriculum – many teachers still point to libraries where instead, many people use Facebook for news and research

The Finns’ media literacy curriculum.  They have made it a national security priority to respond to this within their education system.

Within the U.S., when we talk of whole-of-government solutions, rarely are Department of Education officials in the room.


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