Active Measures #9 -Salve Regina University’s Pell Center

Active Measures #9 – A Newsletter of Political Warfare, Influence, and Information Campaigns

Here are the top stories we’ve seen this week:

1. Floor Statement on Russian Hybrid Warfare: Dirty Active Measures | Senator Jack Reed | U.S. Senate

2. Kremlin Operative Leads New DC Based News Site that Claims Russia Didn’t Meddle in 2016 Presidential Election | Tom Boggioni | Raw Story

3. The Midterms are Already Hacked. You Just Don’t Know it Yet | Benjamin Wofford | Vox

4. U.S. Begins First Cyberoperation Against Russia Aimed at Protecting Elections | Julian E. Barnes | The New York Times

5. Russia Dodges Bullet of EU Sanctions on Cyber– For Now | Laurens Cerulus | Politico6. Saudi’s Image Makers: A Troll Army and a Twitter Insider | Katie Benner, Mark Mazezetti, Ben Hubbard, & Mike Isaac | The New York Times

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