Canada – “Stemming the Virus: Understanding and Responding to the threat of Russian Disinformation”

The Macdonald-Laurier Institute put forth a report titled, Stemming the Virus: Understanding and Responding to the Threat of Russian Disinformation.

The report highlights the current information environment, political aspects, Russia’s activities in the environment, impact to civil society and business, election manipulation and ends with recommendations.

A main recommendation – establish a dedicated office to do the following:

  • Monitor, detect, and identify disinformation and influence campaigns
  • Develop strategies to combat and disarm disinformation and influence campaigns
  • Increase cyber literacy and security awareness, for personal, corporate, and political use
  • Work with social media and other tech companies
  • Expand existing and develop new international partnerships with various domestic and international organizations to help carry out monitoring, detection, and counter-disinformation activities