Who’s ‘mainly’ responsible for curbing disinformation?

Ed note:  Who indeed?  It should be all of us – the media, the government, and the public pointing out false information and the public should ensure there is a penalty for distributing false information…well, I can dream…..

From poynter.org:

Who’s ‘mainly’ responsible for curbing disinformation?

An excerpt:

A new poll shows a lack of consensus on disinformation solutions

Who should be responsible for curbing the spread of disinformation?

We might start by looking at who is responsible for spreading it. Those of us who follow this topic closely know there are a number of answers to that question: nefarious foreign actors, irresponsible platforms, zealous partisans, politicians who lie with impunity, people who stand to make a buck off of misinformation and social media users who get duped into passing along falsehoods.

That lack of a single source also explains why it is so hard to identify a solution. There’s not just one place to look.

Now a new poll on disinformation reflects the difficulty people have in assigning responsibility for addressing the problem. NPR, PBS NewsHour and the Marist College Institute for Public Opinion reported this week that a poll they conducted this month showed little consensus when it asked people to choose who should have the “main responsibility” for addressing the question: 39% pointed to the media, 18% to technology companies, 15% to the government and 12% to the public.