U.S. Marine Corps Creates Information Maneuver Career Field

The Information Professionals Association is excited to see that the U.S. Marine Corps announced on March 9, 2022 the creation of an Information Maneuver career field for both officer and enlisted Marines, emphasizing a focus on cultivating professionals who are skilled at operationalizing information in the security environment.

The Deputy Commandant for Information directed the consolidation of Operations in the Information Environment military occupational specialties into one Occupational Career Field (OCCFLD) resulting in the redesignation of the 17XX Cyberspace Operations career field as the 17XX Information Maneuver (IM) OCCFLD. Aligned with Talent Management modernization, the 17XX IM OCCFLD formally manages the career path of Marines with highly specialized training required for space, electromagnetic spectrum operations, cyber warfare, civil affairs, and psychological operations.

“The Information Maneuver OCCFLD provides Marines the opportunity to continue doing what they are passionate about,” stated Lt. Gen. Matthew Glavy, Deputy Commandant for Information. “When you put people first and provide them the opportunity to pursue a career they are passionate about, they give back tenfold to the team and our mission of gaining advantage in the IE.”

The 17XX IM OCCFLD provides the Marine Corps with a deliberate, professionalized, and sustainable workforce enabling the Marine Corps to integrate information related capabilities, operationalizing information as the Marine Corps seventh warfighting function.