#TrollTracker: Assessing a Covert Iranian Influence Campaign

#TrollTracker Part Three — Assessing a covert Iranian social media influence campaign

Twitter Troll Farm Archives, Digital Forensic Research Lab, Atlantic Council, October 17, 2018
Iranian trolls were aimed at influence, but it should not be confused with the concurrent Russian one. Some of its posts were aimed at polarized audiences in the U.S., notably the anti-Trump “resistance” and supporters of Bernie Sanders, but the great majority of content was designed to promote Iranian regime narratives and viewpoints.  The operation can be considered covert, in the sense that it used apparently independent websites and Twitter accounts to amplify messaging associated with Iranian regime sources. Sub-headings include: Many Identities, Priority Messaging, Foreign Policy, Saudi Arabia, Israel, Syria, Turkey, Messaging, Not Trolling, and Surprising Silence.

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