The Role of Storytelling in Influence

Harvard Business Publishing, an affiliate of Harvard Business School, published a series of blog posts that focus on the science behind storytelling and its role in engaging, teaching, and influencing others. The authors, Lani Peterson, a psychologist, professional storyteller and executive coach, and Vanessa Boris, Senior Manager, Video Solutions at Harvard Business Publishing Corporate Learning, look at how neuroscience supports the use of storytelling by leaders to effectively make connections with audiences and influence their understanding. As a group focused on how to best leverage information to effect the cognitive security of the United States, the Information Professionals Association welcomes a dialogue around the art of storytelling and the narrative.

Given the worldwide focus on disinformation, Peterson’s conclusion offers some hope for countering disinformation.

“Perhaps most importantly, storytelling is central to meaning-making and sense-making. It is through story that our minds form and examine our own truths and beliefs, as well as discern how they correlate with the truths and beliefs of others. Through story listening, we gain new perspectives and a better understanding of the world around us. We challenge and expand our own understanding by exploring how others see and understand the world through their lens.”

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