The key to the nation’s cyber defense? Behavioral analysis

Ed. note – The Cyberspace Solarium Commission published it’s report several days ago but I’ve neither had time to read the whole thing and what I’ve read didn’t really elicit much new thinking for me.  However, a writer at Fifth Domain was able to cut through the clutter:

In this environment, it’s imperative that we heed the advice from the Cyberspace Solarium Commission and consider the benefits of a human and behavior-centric approach to cybersecurity. This will allow the government to use behavioral analysis to take a proactive and targeted response to fortifying our cyber defenses.

Yes!  It has always been about the human beings at the keyboard whether programming the bots, writing targeted disinformation, or looking for weaknesses in our networks.  Will this cause a surge in investment of ways to examine this human decision-making?  The tools already exist and cognitive psychologists have been working away at how to better examine human decision-making for decades though it’s rare to see its use within government.  Perhaps that will change.

Read the whole article by Sean Berg over at Fifth Domain and see the Cyberspace Solarium Commission’s recommendations here.