Social Media and War: How Facebook and Twitter Are Reshaping Conflict in the Twenty-First Century

We read a great deal about how social media is used to propagate the ‘bad’ whether it’s ISIS videos or ‘fake news’ both catering to an audience inclined to believe whatever is peddled due to affiliation – tribal, political, ethnicity, etc.

The same means can also be used for good – whether it’s Iranians gathering like-minded protestors or a newtransparency  in government after a democratic election.

From this article in Newsweek:

“The old hegemony of hierarchical news media is almost gone. Individuals have replaced institutions, narratives have replaced facts, emoting has replaced debating and algorithms shape what we see and how we see the world. Social media is intimate and personal: it seduces and elides, it cajoles and it lies. Doctored images and hoaxes abound. Conspiracy theories bloom and propagate.”

All true.  Yet the author is also hopeful that journalism – renewed aggressive investigate reporting can be an antidote.

One additional ingredient is necessary:  A public with the desire to know and learn the truth, to question sources, to seek confirming information is also desired.  Education is a cornerstone of our societies and we must teach these skills to our citizens.

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