Selected New York Times Articles – Week Ending May 28th, 2019

U.S. Officials Say Foreign Election Hacking Is Inevitable
The Associated Press in the New York Times, May 22nd 2019
The hacking of U.S. election systems, including by foreign adversaries, is inevitable, and the real challenge is ensuring the country is resilient enough to withstand catastrophic problems from cyber breaches, government officials said Wednesday.

Google’s Duplex Uses A.I. to Mimic Humans (Sometimes)
Brian Chen and Cade Metz, May 22nd 2019, New York Times
On a recent afternoon at the Lao Thai Kitchen restaurant, the telephone rang and the caller ID read “Google Assistant.” Jimmy Tran, a waiter, answered the phone. The caller was a man with an Irish accent hoping to book a dinner reservation for two on the weekend.

Facebook Says It Is More Aggressively Enforcing Content Rules
Kate Conger, May 23rd 2019, New York Times
Facebook, facing withering criticism from governments around the world, said Thursday that it had been more aggressive in recent months about scrubbing its platform of hate speech.

Facebook: Fake Account Removal Doubles in 6 Months to 3B
The Associated Press in the New York Times, May 23rd 2019
Facebook removed more than 3 billion fake accounts from October to March, twice as many as the previous six months, the company said Thursday.

Fake News Changes Shape as EU Heads Into Elections
The Associated Press in the New York Times, May 22nd 2019
Fake news has evolved beyond the playbook used by Russian trolls in the U.S. election. As the European Union gears up for a crucial election, it is mostly homegrown groups rather than foreign powers that are taking to social media to push false information and extremist messages, experts say.

Distorted Videos of Nancy Pelosi Spread on Facebook and Twitter, Helped by Trump
Sarah Mervosh, May 24th 2019, New York Times
Manipulated videos of Speaker Nancy Pelosi that made it seem as if she were stumbling over and slurring her words continued to spread across social media on Friday, fueled by President Trump’s feud with the Democratic leader.

‘Vladimir Putin’ Talk Show in U.K. Prompts Sharp Intake of Breath in Russia
Palko Karasz, May 23rd 2019, New York Times
Whether it be the suspicion that he meddled in the Brexit referendum or the accusation that he order the poisoning of a former spy, President Vladimir Putin of Russia stirs strong emotions in Britain.

China Ramps Up War of Rhetoric in Trade Standoff With US
The Associated Press in the New York Times, May 24th 2019
Stepping up Beijing’s propaganda offensive in the tariffs standoff with Washington, Chinese state media on Friday accused the U.S. of seeking to “colonize global business” with moves against Huawei and other Chinese technology companies.