Selected New York Times Articles – Week Ending May 14th, 2019

New Report Shows How a Pro-Iran Group Spread Fake News Online Scott Shane and Ronen Bergman, May 14th 2019, New York Times
Ali Al-Ahmed is a veteran critic of the Saudi government, so late last year he was not surprised to receive a Twitter message purporting to be from an Egyptian woman living in London who said that she, too, was a Saudi opponent.

Facebook Removes Fake Italian Accounts Ahead of EU Election Associated Press in the New York Times, May 13th 2019
Facebook shut down phony Italian accounts and pages spreading fake news ahead of European Union parliamentary elections, prompting opposition lawmakers to call Monday for tougher laws to curb online misinformation.

Russia Is Targeting Europe’s Elections. So Are Far-Right Copycats. Matt Apuzzo and Adam Satariano, May 12th 2019
Less than two weeks before pivotal elections for the European Parliament, a constellation of websites and social media accounts linked to Russia or far-right groups is spreading disinformation, encouraging discord and amplifying distrust in the centrist parties that have governed for decades.

Your 5G Phone Won’t Hurt You. But Russia Wants You to Think Otherwise.
William J. Broad, May 12th 2019, New York Times
The cellphones known as 5G, or fifth generation, represent the vanguard of a wireless era rich in interconnected cars, factories and cities. Whichever nation dominates the new technology will gain a competitive edge for much of this century, according to many analysts. But a television network a few blocks from the White House has been stirring concerns about a hidden flaw.

Facebook Rejects Co-Founder Call for Breakup, Senator Urges U.S. Antitrust Probe
Reuters in the New York Times, May 9th 2019
Facebook Inc quickly rejected a call from co-founder Chris Hughes on Thursday to split the world’s largest social media company in three, while lawmakers urged the U.S. Justice Department to launch an antitrust investigation.

New French Rules for Facebook? Zuckerberg Likes the Idea
Associated Press in the New York Times, May 10th 2019
France welcomed Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg to Paris on Friday with the threat of sweeping new regulations against his social media behemoth — and Zuckerberg himself called that proposal a good thing.

Report: Iran-Linked Disinformation Effort Had Personal Touch Associated Press in the New York Times, May 14th 2019
When an attractive young Middle Eastern woman contacted Saudi dissident Ali AlAhmed over Twitter last November, he was immediately suspicious.

Facebook Facing 20-Year Consent Agreement After Privacy Lapses: Source
Reuters in the New York Times, May 13th 2019
The social media giant Facebook Inc is headed toward an agreement with the U.S. government over its privacy policies and practices that would put it under 20 years of oversight, according to a source knowledgeable about the discussions.

China’s Propaganda Machine Takes Aim at U.S. Over Trade War
Javier C. Hernández, May 14th 2019, New York Times
The trade dispute between the United States and China is escalating — and so is the war of words between the two countries.

Facebook Auto-Generates Videos Celebrating Extremist Images Associated Press, May 9th 2019, New York Times
The animated video begins with a photo of the black flags of jihad. Seconds later, it flashes highlights of a year of social media posts: plaques of anti-Semitic verses, talk of retribution and a photo of two men carrying more jihadi flags while they burn the stars and stripes.