Russia Gaining Influence Worldwide – Pew

Image of Putin, Russia Suffers Internationally

At same time, Russia seen as gaining influence on world stage

The Pew Research Center’s Clark Letterman summarized the work.  Also covered by the  Washington Post.  Russian President Putin’s efforts to re-establish Russia as a consequential world power appear to have borne at least some fruit:  The prevailing view in a new 25-country poll by Pew Research Center is that Russia plays a more important role in international affairs than it did a decade ago.  But increased stature does not mean being better liked.  The same survey finds that views of Putin and the Russian Federation are largely negative.

Globally, a median of just 34% express a favorable view of Russia, while about a quarter (26%) have confidence in Putin to do the right thing in world affairs. In only four countries – the Philippines, Tunisia, South Korea and Greece – do at least half have a positive view of Russia.  By contrast, majorities in North America and much of Europe see Russia in a negative light.  Attitudes toward Putin follow a similar pattern, with the Philippines and Tunisia the only countries where more than half express confidence in the Russian leader…

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