Register for Phoenix Challenge 2023-1 on Feb 27-March 3

The U.S. Office of the Under Secretary of Defense for Policy (Office of Information Operations Policy) and The U.K. Ministry of Defence will host the first 2023 Phoenix Challenge Forum (in-person) focused on “Orientating to the futures of information environment competition” in London from 27 February – 3 March 2023.

This event follows the Phoenix Challenge outcome-based conference and workshop series intended to drive knowledge collaboration and solutions across Defense and Security Organizations, Academia, Private Sector and International Partners to address complex issues related to Cognitive Security, Information Competition & Conflict, and Malign Influence. The event’s theme focuses on identifying and addressing the most salient challenges facing Governments, private sector, and associated international institutions & organizations today.

Join International (Defense) delegations, Executives, Experts and Policy Makers from a host of interested allied Nations and Institutions.

  • Day 1 and 2 of PC 23-1 will be plenary sessions held at the Kelvin Lecture Theater in London.
  • Day 3 of PC 23-1 will consist of three separate but concurrent events. Select which event you will participate in when you request attendance.
    – Government Only Event – This event will be held at the Ministry of Defence in a classified session. If you wish to attend, please follow the security instructions.
    – Academia Event – This event will be for academics to discuss research needs for the future information environment.
    – Industry Event – Meeting with select government officials to discuss future approaches for Phoenix Challenge (PC) that better integrates industry interests with regard to understanding requirements, future needs and relationship to solutions lab part of PC.

    To request attendance to Phoenix Challenge 23-1 (PC 23-1) in London, please fill out the form and provide the required information by clicking on the “Request Phoenix Challenge 23-1 Attendance” button below.
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Event details and registration: