Phoenix Challenge in London Was a Great Success

Phoenix Challenge in London Was a Great Success!

The Phoenix Challenge is a series of events ARLIS leads on behalf of the Office of the Undersecretary of Defense for Policy to elevate the importance of cross-government collaboration in addressing challenges to operations in the information environment. Ultimately, the goal is to accelerate success for Operations in the Information Environment and the National Defense Strategy. The Information Professionals Association is extremely proud to be a part of this important conference series.

From 27 February – 3 March 2023, the U.S. Office of the Under Secretary of Defense for Policy (Office of Information Operations Policy) and the U.K. Ministry of Defence held the first Phoenix Challenge Forum for 2023 in London. The conference focused on “Orientating to the futures of information environment competition.” The event’s theme focuses on identifying and addressing the most salient challenges facing Governments, private sector, and associated international institutions & organizations today.

This Phoenix Challenge is an outcome-based conference and workshop series intended to drive knowledge collaboration and solutions across Defense and Security Organizations, Academia, Private Sector and International Partners to address complex issues related to Cognitive Security, Information Competition & Conflict, and Malign Influence.

The next Phoenix Challenge Conference will be from June 20-23 in Atlanta GA at the Georgia Tech Research Institute (GTRI). More details coming soon.

Noteworthy speakers and panelists at the London Phoenix Challenge included:

  • AVM Al Marshall OBE MA RAF (UK MOD)
  • MG Easley, US DOD Policy (DPIOA)
  • Mr Bob Giesler, Senior Member, Atlantic Council
  • DoS(GEC) Special Envoy Jamie Rubin
  • Ambassador Baiba Braže (NATO Asst Sec Gen for Public Diplomacy)
  • Mr Henry Collis (Deputy Director UK National Security Communications)
  • Mr Jeffrey K. Wichman (Acting Director of the Foreign Malign Influence Center)
  • Dr Jacob Shapiro, Foreign Malign Influence Center
  • Lt Gen (R) Lori Reynolds
  • LTG (R) Stephen Fogarty
  • Dr Charlie Peet (RN Op Adv Centre)
  • Brig Gen (Army) Pascal Ianni (Chief of Strategic Anticipation & Orientation, French Joint Staff)
  • Maj Gen Gerald Strickland (GOC 6th (UK) Division)
  • MG John Brennan (US SOCOM Director of Operations)
  • Col Jason Logue (Director, Australian Joint Analysis Team)
  • Capt Mark Anderson RN
  • Jennifer Bisceglie, CEO & Founder, Interos Inc
  • Mr David Ayer, American film maker, director, producer and screen writer
  • BG (R) Brian Layer, CEO RL Leaders
  • Mr Alex Aiken (Executive Director for UK Government Communication)
  • Jānis Sārts (Director of the NATO Strategic Communications Centre of Excellence)
  • Mr Kenneth Myers III (President of CRDF Global)
  • Dr Nataliya Tkachuk (Head of the Ukrainian Centre for Countering Disinformation)
  • Mr Steven Hunnewell (INDOPACOM Director for Information)
  • Dr Keir Giles (Chatham House)
  • Ms Sarah Gamberini (Senior Policy Fellow, US National Defense University, Center for the Study of WMD)
  • Jeff Geheb, Global Chief Experience Officer, VMLY&R
  • Christine Foster, Chief Product Officer, Kantar Public
  • Dr Andy Whiskeyman, ARLIS
  • Dr Erin Fitzgerald, ARLIS
  • Mr. Devin Ellis, ARLIS
  • Dr Fred Baier, Georgia Tech Research Institute

The Information Professionals Association is also very grateful to our corporate and conference sponsors, without whom we could not pursue our mission:

    • AM, LLC
    • Peraton
    • Research Innovations Inc
  • GOLD
    • Influence Apps, Inc
    • Jacobs
    • Colsa
    • Deft9 Solutions Inc
    • Deloitte
    • Fraym
    • MeltWater
    • PeakMetrics
    • PreData
    • Strategic Cyber Ventures
    • Two Six Technologies
    • Castellum, Inc.

Mr. Austin Branch was proud to present to Col Jason Logue (Director, Australian Joint Analysis Team) the Information Professionals Association’s Order of Hermes Award for his Lifetime of service to the information profession.