John Bicknell

Vice President, Information Professionals Association


John Bicknell is CEO & Founder of More Cowbell Unlimited, Inc. His firm provides petabyte-scale cloud process technologies as big as the Information Age in support of national security and industry. John is a national security thought leader and passionate analytics visionary. He has held numerous analytics practitioner and leadership positions–helping businesses and government organizations derive actionable insights and make better decisions using data. John served worldwide for twenty years as a Marine before retiring in 2010 as a Lieutenant Colonel. In his corporate career, he operationalized an Analytics Center of Excellence for a large EdTech firm, among other accomplishments. John is a member of the Military Operations Research Society MORS and the InfraGard partnership between the FBI and members of the private sector. His Master’s degree from the Naval Postgraduate School emphasizes econometrics and operations research. John lives with his family in the Pacific Northwest.

He is also the host of IPA’s Cognitive Crucible Podcast.