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Colonel Jason Logue

Jason Logue


The Information Professionals Association conferred the Order of Hermes Award on Colonel Jason Logue of the Australian Defense Force (ADF) at the 10th Annual Pacific Information Operations & Electromagnetic Warfare Symposium on October 20, 2021. Colonel Logue was presented the award by IPA Board Member Austin Branch for his contributions to the information operations field in Australia through his dedicated staff work, writing, and advocacy in building and maintaining a professional organization, as well as providing thought leadership to better position the ADF to address growing cognitive security challenges. His efforts have been instrumental in building bridges internationally to increase the intellectual and professional linkages between Australia and the FVEYs partners, as well as embodying the goals and mission of the IPA to interact, collaborate, and develop solutions that enhance the cognitive security of the US and our friends and allies.

Colonel Logue is the current lead Staff Officer for Strategic Effects and Targeting within the Military Strategic Effects Branch of Military Strategic Commitments Division at ADF Headquarters. He has spent the vast majority of his commissioned career within Joint and Coalition Headquarters as both an IO Staff Officer and a Military Public Affairs Officer. He is a graduate of the Australian Command and Staff College (Joint) and holds a Masters in Organisational Communication.

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