Brian Murphy



Brian Murphy is the Managing Director for In his role, he assisted in developing and implementing advanced Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence solutions to find harmful threat content at scale and across languages and internet platforms. Before joining Logically, Murphy served as both the Principal and Acting Under Security for Intelligence for DHS. Murphy was a special agent with the FBI for 20 years. While there, he performed duties from street agent up to roles as a national manager in the senior executive service. During his career, he served in New York, Afghanistan, Algeria, Tunisia, Niger, Pittsburgh, Chicago, and Washington, DC. Murphy began his federal service in 1994 as an officer in the Marine Corps and would later return to this role in 2004 after being recalled to active duty for service in Iraq. Since 2021 Murphy has been an adjunct professor for Georgetown’s Security Studies Program, where he teaches about homeland security and the complex domestic intelligence architecture underpinning national security. As of 2022, Murphy has been a member of DHS’s Election Infrastructure Committee and in 2024 was elected to the executive committee. In 2023 Murphy joined Pitt Cyber as an Affiliate Practice Scholar and collaborates with researchers and industry. Murphy’s academic credentials include a PhD from Georgetown University; MA from Columbia University; and a BA from William and Mary. He is a certified U.S. Intelligence Officer and Joint Duty Certified and maintains a Top Secret clearance.