More on the European Values Center

Editor’s Note:   We’ve written here before about the work of the European Values Center and they continue to expand their work to expose disinformation and the efforts of malign actors to undermine democracy.  They have recently begun two new newsletters:  The Georgia Watch Briefing the latest of which can be seen here –Georgia Watch Briefing and the Bosnia Watch Briefing which is a sister publication to the Balkans Watch Briefing.   You can subscribe to both within those newsletters.  This is the kind of work necessary to expose disinformation AND to identify the purpose of such disinformation and the real and potential harm it causes particularly in societies where old enmities remain raw and the ability to manipulate emotions for malign purposes remains all too easy. 

IPA follows these and other organizations with great interest and we hope to highlight some of these organizations when we are finally able to meet again in a group setting.

In the meanwhile, check out the latest work of the European Values Center