IPA Member Lauds Shift from Information Operations to Information Advantage

COL (U.S. Army-Ret.) Carmine Cicalese, an Information Professionals Association member and advisor, remains a tireless advocate for the improvement of DoD’s activities in the information environment supporting military operations. He recently authored an article titled, “Information Advantage – Not Your Daddy’s Information Operations” on CYBER CIC, LLC’s blog supporting the Army’s recent introduction of doctrine describing Information Advantage in a way that ensures operations in the Information Environment receive attention from a Commander responsible for leading all other operations in conflict.

“Information advantage differs from information operations because the former focuses on outcomes instead of processes, captures the importance of information and the contributions of joint information-related capabilities, and is commander-led instead of staff-coordinated,” according to Cicalese.

Cicalese notes that these new definitions of Information Advantage make it the commanders’ business and the new doctrine acknowledges the importance of information as an element of combat power. The only improvement he recommends is the Army not omit the joint term “information-related capabilities.” Read more here.