IPA Honors Eric Wallace with Order of Hermes Award

The Information Professionals Association conferred the Order of Hermes Award on Mr. Eric Wallace, former Chief of the Information Proponent Division at the U.S. Department of Defense Joint Staff and IW/EW subject matter expert at COLSA. IPA selected Mr. Wallace based on his career accomplishments spanning more than 20 years in the information field which has led to a paradigm shift in how DoD thinks about and leverages information, as well as embodying the goals and mission of the IPA to interact, collaborate, and develop solutions that enhance the cognitive security of the US and our friends and allies.

Mr. Eric Wallace
Mr. Eric Wallace, an Information Operations professional supporting the U.S. Department of Defense for more than 20 years, was awarded IPA’s Order of Hermes award in April 2022.

IPA is a professional association that provides a forum for information professionals to execute that mission by focusing on the study, advancement, and application of information-related activities and technologies to achieve specific, predictable effects. The IPA serves as the nexus for information professionals interested in the application of soft and hard science, advanced analytics, and innovative technologies to advance security, prosperity, shared values, and international order through the free flow of ideas and information. The Order of Hermes is an honorary award from IPA to recognize individuals for exceptional service and contributions in the field of cognitive security and information operations. More information on the Order of Hermes, including other past recipients, can be found on the IPA website.

Mr. Wallace led the ground breaking work captured in the Joint Concept for Operating in the Information Environment, the Operating in the Information Environment JROCM, and the codification of Information the Joint Function.  The majority of today’s activities across the DoD from Office of the Secretary of Defense-level strategy and policy, to the normalization of information across the Joint Strategic Planning System, to service-level doctrine and organizational experiments are all linked at some level to the ideas represented in the work above.

Over 26 years, Eric led the development of the 3-13 Joint IO Manual, later leading and publishing the Joint Concept for Operations in the Information Environment, as well as Information as a Joint Function, and now the soon to publish Joint Information manual 3-04.