How to Counter China’s Coronavirus Disinformation Campaign

Ed. Note – Although IPA members have been preaching about the implications of “volume, speed and uniquity” in the information environment for many years, it’s still nice to see an adaptation of that repeated even if the concept is now old.  The advice in this column is “to rise above the disinformation battle and seize the narrative with science and technology.”  Good advice, but without being at all sarcastic, it seems to be the route less often taken by governments as it takes time and persistence of message to overcome the disinformation…something we in the West seem to be poor at doing.


From the folks at Defense One:

Whether we like it or not, the United States is engaged on a new battlefield defined by the “speed, spread, and accessibility of information,” as P.W. Singer and Emerson T. Brooking write in their prescient book, Like War: The Weaponization of Social Media. But our government does not appear to have received the memo. As a result, we’re losing the global war over the narrative about COVID-19 in the midst of a global pandemic. And there is much more at stake than words.