Elves Take on Russian Trolls

Fake news: How Lithuania’s ‘elves’ take on Russian trolls

Michael Peel, Financial Times, February 4th, 2019

The article is linked above. Several highlights:

– Lithuania’s defence ministry monitors how content is being shared via social media

I believe in the 21st century we have to be ready not only to fight in kinetic wars, but in information wars, too. We think if you can connect intelligence guys with psychological operations guys, it’s probably the best.

– The EU’s desire to fight back against disinformation has increased as more and more member states have experienced problems.  In December, EU leaders branded the spread of “deliberate, large-scale, and systematic disinformation”, including as part of hybrid warfare, an “acute and strategic challenge for our democratic systems”. They called for an “urgent response that needs to be sustained over time” including to safeguard the integrity of the European elections.

– Lithuania has a rising number of legal means to tackle alleged sources of disinformation – including use of wider society and the so-called elves (volunteers who set out to combat Russian trolls) – Demaskuok.lt or Debunk.eu

We are living in this information conflict time. So we should not pretend this is not happening.

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