DOD IO Center To Host Digital Event on Political Warfare 2.0

Editor’s Note: On Wednesday, July 22 at 1400 EDT (1100 PDT), the Naval Postgraduate School’s DOD Information Operations Center for Research (IOCR) will host a Political Warfare Project Panel. The DoD’s IOCR at the Naval Postgraduate School brings together top experts on operations in the information environment to discuss strategy and policy issues relating to the growing challenges the United States and its partners and allies face in the information domain. The panel will discuss political warfare relative to operations in the information environment. 

Political Warfare 2.0: What’s Next?

“Political Warfare 2.0 is upon us, and moves at speeds never thought possible in the times of the Cold War. The rise of social media platforms have allowed US adversaries to spread disinformation, meddle in elections, and sow distrust in democratically elected governments. State-sponsored cyber-attacks have allowed vast amounts of intellectual property and crucial intelligence to fall into the hands of our great power adversaries, China and Russia. The democratic world is now under threat with the advent of technological leaps and the unintended consequences that these products have unleashed. The question that remains is “what’s next?””

Panelists include:

  • J.D. Maddox, State Department Global Engagement Center
  • Cyndi Coon and Brian David Johnson, Arizona State University’s Threatcasting Lab
  • Dr. Haroro Ingram, George Washington University’s Program on Extremism

For more information on how to join the Zoom event, check the DOD IOCR web page here.