Chinese Influence & American Interests

Chinese Influence and American Interests: Promoting Constructive Vigilance

Hoover Institution-Chinese Influence and American Interests Chinese Influence and American Interests – The Hoover Institution published a report on Chinese influence and American interests.  Edited by Larry Diamond, the 213 page report, written and endorsed by a group of this country’s leading China specialists and students of one-party systems is the result of more than a year of research and represents an attempt to document the extent of China’s expanding influence operations inside the U.S. While there have been many excellent reports documenting specific examples of Chinese influence seeking, this effort attempts to come to grips with the issue as a whole and features an overview of the Chinese party-state United Front apparatus responsible for guiding overseas influence activities. It also includes individual sections on different sectors of American society that have been targeted by China. The appendices survey China’s quite diverse influence activities in other democratic countries around the world.

The Washington Post’s Ellen Nakashima wrote an article on this report here.  The NPR article is here.  Fox News’ Chris Ciaccia’s article is here.  The VOA article is here.

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