Carnegie Endowment Launches Information Operations Workshop Series


On July 9, the Carnegie Partnership for Countering Influence Operations (PCIO) and Twitter launched a series of virtual workshops to grant exceptional researchers the opportunity to present their cutting-edge work on Information Operations (IO) datasets to a community of scholars and leading experts in IO. The project is intended to support an open exchange of ideas among the research community regarding how IO can be better understood, analyzed, and mitigated.

Topics will include:

  • Analysis of how and why IO and/or counter-IO activities become impactful
  • Analysis of adversary and/or platform account owner behaviors, trends, and emerging risks
  • Exploitation and/or mitigation of platform vulnerabilities
  • Analysis of how IO and/or counter-IO activities interact with off and cross-platform activities
  • Impact on at-risk communities, including targeting of journalists and activists
  • Analysis from product, policy, ethical, legal, and/or regulatory perspectives
  • Innovative and experimental research design and digital methodologies, including open-source intelligence (OSINT) analysis methods
  • Methods for measuring and evaluating IO and/or counter-IO effectiveness

In 2018, Twitter released a large archive of tweets and media from Russian and Iranian troll farms. This archive of information operations has since been expanded to include activity originating from more than 15 countries and offers researchers unique insight into how IO unfolds on the service. Learn more about Twitter’s public archive here.

Those interested in participating in the project should submit a two-page abstract detailing the aim and research questions, theoretical/disciplinary standpoints, methodology, empirical data, and results to Papers must use the Twitter dataset as the primary empirical data. The deadline for submission is July 31, and notifications to successful applicants will be sent shortly afterwards.

More information about the workshop series is available here.