Active Measures Newsletter

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Here are the top stories we’ve seen this week:


  1. Battling COVID-19, is DOD Prepared for an Onslaught of Disinformation and Propaganda from Foreign Competitors? | Matthew Coughlin & Paul Lieber | Military Times
  2. COVID-19: Indicators of Unconventional Warfare Against the West | Oleksandr Danylyuk | International Policy Digest
  3. Justice Department Tracks Virus Disinformation by Russia, China | Chris Strohm | Bloomberg
  4. China Calls Off Its Coronavirus Disinformation Campaign, While Russia Allows Malign Actors to Continue | Abraham Mahshie | Washington Examiner
  5. Coronavirus Becomes a Weapon of Disinformation in Middle East Battle for Influence | Nabih Bulos | Lost Angeles Times
  6. Judy Asks: Is the Coronavirus Breeding Disinformation Across Europe? | Judy Dempsey et. al. | Carnegie Europe: Judy Dempsey’s Strategic Europe
  7. 5G-Coronavirus Conspiracy Theory is Being Boosted by Organized Disinformation Campaign | Ryan Gallagher | Fortune
  8. As the U.S. Prepares for COVID-19 Disinformation Stokes Panic and Discord | Wayne Rash | Forbes
  9. ‘Liberal Swine’: How the Kremlin Exploits the Pandemic for Propaganda | Ksenita Kirillova |
  10. Why China’s Coronavirus Lies Don’t Matter if it Plays the Long Information Game | Mark Payumo | The National Interest
  11. China’s corona virus battle is waning. Its propaganda fight is not. | Vivian Wang |  New York Times
  12. The Virus of Disinformation: Echoes of Past Bioweapons Accusations in Today’s COVID-19 Conspiracy Theories | Sarah Jacobs Gamberini & Amanda Moodie | War on the Rocks
  13. The UK Has Condemned Russia for Spreading ‘Disinformation’ About Boris Johnson’s Health | Alex Wickham | BuzzFeed News
  14. How Coronavirus Disinformation Gets Past Social Media Moderators | Robert Evans | Bellingcat


  1. Russian propaganda ‘very likely’ stoking 5G health fears in Australia: expert claims | Chris Zappone | The Sydney Morning Herald
  2. Russia-connected group pushed fake documents aimed at political flashpoints, researchers say | Kevin Collier | NBC news
  3. Revealed: Estonia Targeted by Russia-linked Disinformation Deluge | Alex Scroxton |
  4. Long Read: Intent to Infekt: ‘Operation Pinball’ Tactics Reminiscent of ‘Operation Secondary Infektion’ | Insikt Group | Recorded Future


  1. Long Read: Political Warfare, Sharp Power, the U.S., and East Asia | Jacques deLisle | Orbis