Active Measures #53 – Salve Regina University’s Pell Center

A Newsletter of Political Warfare, Influence, and Information Campaigns from the Pell Center at Salve Regina University


  1. Beijing’s Computational Propaganda Goes Global: The Significance of China’s Debut as a Disinformation Actor | Nick Monaco | Medium  
  2. US Backs Taiwan Against Beijing’s Fake News War | KG Chan | Asia Times 


  1. Kremlin Disinformation Campaigns Could Target Canada’s Federal Election: Expert | Levon Sevunts | Radio Canada International  
  2. Ukrainian ‘Footprint’ in the Libyan Civil War: Reality or Disinformation? | Sergey Sukhankin | The Jamestown Foundation  

Election Security and 2020

  1. How Disinformation Could Sway the US 2020 Election | Paul M. Barrett | The Wire  
  2. Political Disinformation Is Rampant Online. How Can Voters Cope? | Kaleigh Rogers | Radio Canada International  
  3. In The 2020 Election, The Disinformation Could Be Coming From Inside The House | Paul M. Barrett | Fast Company  
  4. British Electoral System Unprepared to Resist Foreign Interference, Officials Say | Mark Hosenball | Reuters  

Fighting Back

  1. Tracking Coordinated Disinformation Campaigns Online Made Easier with New Botslayer Tool | Indiana University
  2. Fighting Disinformation During Federal Campaign | Global News  
  3. The Social Media Weapons of Authoritarian States | The Cipher Brief

Platform News

  1. Why Instagram Could Be A Major Site for Disinformation In The 2020 US Election | Paul M. Barrett | The Guardian  
  2. New Fake-News Worry for Instagram | Alexi McCammond | Axios  
  3. Hostile Social Manipulation – Present Realities and Emerging Trends | Michael J. Mazarr et al. | RAND Corporation  
  4. Facebook’s Nick Clegg Warns Of A “Fracturing Of The Global Internet” | Axios  


Here Are 4 New Terms To Describe Online Deception And Misinformation | Daniel Funke, Susan Benkelman, & Christina Tardáguila | Poynter

Deep Fakes

  1. Army Researchers Work to Combat Deepfake Videos | Armed Forces Communications & Electronics Association

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