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Platform News

Maintaining The Integrity Of Our Platforms
 | Shane Huntley | Google

Information operations directed at Hong Kong | Twitter

Removing Coordinated Inauthentic Behavior from China | Facebook

In the Trump Era, a Family’s Fight With Google and Facebook Over Disinformation | Nicholas Confessore & Justin Bank | New York Times 

4chan Trolls Impersonated Jewish Twitter Users. Again. | Rachelle Hampton | Slate

How a “Political Astroturfing” App Coordinates Pro-Israel Influence Operations | Medium 

Trump, QAnon And An Impending Judgment Day: Behind The Facebook-Fueled Rise Of The Epoch Times | By Brandy Zadrozny and Ben Collins | CNBC

China and Hong Kong

How a Hacked American Nightclub Twitter Account Was Implicated In China’s Information War | Donnie O’Sullivan | CNN

Facebook, Twitter Accuse China Of Running Disinformation Campaign Against Hong Kong Protesters | Annie Palmer | CNBC 

Twitter, Facebook Block Beijing-Led Interference Campaign On Platforms| Sayanti Chakraborty & Katie Paul | The Age

Facebook And Twitter Say China Is Spreading Disinformation In Hong Kong | Kate Conger | New York Times

Russia 2020

Russian interference, 2020 | Steve Levine | Axios 

The Power of K-Pop

How K-Pop Is Luring Young North Koreans To Cross The Line | Simon Denyer & Min Joo Kim | Washington Post

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