Active Measures #48 – Salve Regina University’s Pell Center


  1. Russian and China Call on US To Stop Promoting Protests: Stay Out of Our ‘ Internal Affairs’ | Tim O’Connor | Newsweek

Fighting Disinformation

  1. Commuting To Moscow: Lega Nord’s Pilgrimage To Russia | Bellingcat 
  2. Finland Is Winning the War On Fake News. What It’s Learned May Be Crucial to Western Democracy | Eliza Mackintosh | CNN
  3. Governments Countering Disinformation: The Case of Sweden | Christina la Cour | Disinfo Portal 
  4. Army To Form New Hybrid-Warfare Division | Kim Sengupta | The Independent 
  5. How The Baltic States Spot The Kremlin’s Agents | The Economist 
  6. Top Priorities for the EU in Fighting Authoritarian Interference | Etienne Soula | Securing Democracy

Evolution of the Threat

  1. Not Your Father’s Bots – AI Is Making Fake News Look Real | Sarah Kreps & Miles McCain | Foreign Affairs
  2. Climate Change and Russia Are Partisan Flashpoints in Public’s Views of Global Threats  | Pew Research Center

Domestic Challenges

  1. Trump’s Encouraging QAnon May Result in Violence—Just Ask The FBI | Justin Hendrix | Just Security 
  2. Bot-Like Activity Pushed Divisive Content on Race During Debates| Maureen Linke & Eliza Collins | Wall Street Opinion 
  3. Secret Texts Cast Light On UK’s Early Role In Trump-Russia Inquiry| Stephanie Kirchgaessner &  Nick Hopkins | The Guardian

Election Security

  1. Russian Election Hacking in 2020 Could Easily Be Much Worse Than 2016 | Jonathan Chait | New York Mag

The Threat from China

  1. FBI Questioning US Students Who Attended Chinese Master’s Program: Report | John Bowden | The Hill