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2020 Election and Information Security

  1. Director of National Intelligence Daniel R. Coats Establishes Intelligence Community Election Threats Executive | Office of the Director of National Intelligence
  2. Mark Esper, Defense Secretary Nominee, Says DOD Confident In Security of 2020 Election | Andrew Blake | Washington Times
  3. Americans Could Be a Bigger Fake News Threat Than Russians In The 2020 Presidential Campaign | Cindy L. Otis | USA Today
  4. DNC Warns 2020 Campaigns Not To Use FaceApp ‘Developed By Russians’ | Donnie O’Sullivan | CNN
  5. A ‘Disinformation Hurricane’ Is Coming In 2020 As Other Adversaries Emulate Russia’s Model | Matt Osborne | Alter Net
  6. No. 2 U.S. Intelligence Official Talks About How U.S. Is Preparing For 2020 Election Threats | Olivia Gazis | CBS News
  7. ‘The Great Hack’ Has Awful News About Our Personal Data Being Weaponized Against Us, Democracy | David Zurawik | The Baltimore Sun
  8. The Kremlin’s Strategy For The 2020 U.S. Election: Secure The Base, Split The Opposition | Clint Watts | The Daily Beast
  9. Trump’s Harsh Words On ‘Squad’ Reinforce Dark Posts Online | Jill Colvin & Amanda Seitz | The Tribune


  1. The Cutting Edge of AI Cyber Attacks: Deepfake Audio Used to Impersonate Senior Executives | Scott Ikeda | CPO
  2. Media Forensics: Combating The Increasing Unreality of Content | Verizon
  3. House Intelligence Chief Presses Social Media Companies on Deepfake Policies | VOA
  4. ‘Deepfake’ Videos Threaten Our Privacy and Politics. Here’s How to Guard Against Them | Erwin Chemerinsky | Sacramento Bee

Journalism in an Age of Disinformation

  1. Journalists Have to Walk a Fine Line, Says Disinformation Expert Whitney Phillips | Mathew Ingram | Columbia Journal Review
  2. Governments Making “Fake News” a Crime Risk Stifling Real Journalism — Accidentally Or Intentionally | Stop Fake

Fighting Back

  1. Meet the Elves, Lithuania’s Digital Citizen Army Confronting Russian Trolls | Kim Sengupta | The Independent 
  2. Bi-Partisan Commission Detects Russian Misinformation Effort in Ukraine| Philip Caldwell | The Washington Free Beacon 
  3. Schools To Teach Children About Fake News And ‘Confirmation Bias’, Government Announces | Harry Cockburn | The Independent
  4. Foreign Actors Could Use Artificial Intelligence To Undermine Democracy, Canadian Officials Warn In Internal Reports | Marie-Danielle Smith | Beta Canada

Chinese Influence Campaigns

  1. A Preliminary Survey of CCP Influence Operations in Singapore | Russel Hsiao | Jamestown Foundation
  2. The Chinese Influence Effort Hiding in Plain Sight | Didi Kirsten Tatlow | The Atlantic
  3. Comment on “The Lost Art of Ideological Warfare” | Matt Armstrong |

Russia’s Latest

  1. Russia’s Election Hackers Are Back—and Targeting George Soros | Kevin Poulsen | The Daily Beast
  2. Irish Security Services ‘Appraising’ Suspected Russian Fake News | Brian Hutton & Simon Carswell | The Irish Times
  3. Macedonian PM Publicly Apologizes After He Was Deceived By Pro-Kremlin Russian Pranksters | Stop Fake
  4. Ministers Meet Social Media Firms Over Spread Of Vaccination Fake News | Sky News
  5. How Iran Might Fight a War Against America (Thanks to Russia) | Nolan Peterson | National Interest

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